Hi Dave,

One clean way to do it is to make a PDF of the student guide and import each 
page as a graphic onto the left hand pages of the facilitator's guides.

Rick Quatro
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> Hi Folks
> One of our trainers has asked me to help with a layout question for a new 
> training manual.  His question is as follows:
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> The training department are going to produce facilitator's guides to 
> accompany the course material we produce.  These are going to list the 
> extra info the tutor must know in order to run the course (eg key points 
> to cover, equipment for practical exercises etc etc etc).  The idea being 
> anyone who reads the facilitator's guide should be able to run teach the 
> course.
> The format we would like to use is to have the students notes appearing on 
> the left page of the facilitator's guide and the right hand page being 
> used to list all the extra info the tutor needs to know.  That way the 
> tutor can see what the students notes say but have another page of extra 
> info.
> Is there an easy way to set up a template so we can import the students 
> notes (already written in frame) so that each page (left and right) from 
> the students notes will appear as the left page in the facilitators guide?
> **************
> The only way I can think of is to add Disconnected Pages and then manually 
> connect text frames on alternate pages, so that all left pages are in one 
> flow, and all right pages are in another flow.  I assume you could also 
> keep page 1 in its own flow as a title page.
> Is there any other way of doing this in Frame?  We are using Frame 6 on 
> Windows 2000.
> Thanks
> Dave
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