Here's a snippet of HTML code:

<P CLASS="Body">
<A NAME="pgfId-1052565"></A>To assist in installing the replacement 
adapter, you may find it helpful to label the cables and wires with 
the connector names from which you unplug them. </P>
<P CLASS="Num-1">
<A NAME="pgfId-1056152"></A>On the TigrNet keyboard, enter <EM 
 to shut down the TigrNet software.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1053382"></A>Turn off the STB or unplug the STB from 
the power source.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1056160"></A>Remove the 422 adapter from the back of 
the TV at the Velcro&#174; strip.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1056156"></A>On the side of the 422 that has only one 
connector, unplug the CAT-5 or CAT-6 straight-through cable from the 
RJ-45 connector.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1051818"></A>Unplug the dual stereo 3.5mm cable from 
the 3.5mm Phono jack on the 422.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1051820"></A>Unplug the second dual stereo 3.5mm cable 
from the second 3.5mm Phono jack on the 422.</P>
<P CLASS="Num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1051822"></A>To disconnect the 422 from the TV, do one 
of the following:</P>
<P CLASS="Bullet-num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1055860"></A>For a Phillips TV, unplug the RJ-11 6-
conductor patch cord from the <BR>
RJ-11 PHIL connector on the 422PS.</P>
<P CLASS="Bullet-num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1055877"></A>For a Sumitomo TV, unplug the CAT-5 or CAT-
6 cable from the RJ-45 CMIC connector on the 422PS.</P>
<P CLASS="Bullet-num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1052754"></A>For a Zenith TV, unplug the RJ-11 6-
conductor patch cord from the <BR>
RJ-11 ZEN connector on the 422ZP.</P>
<P CLASS="Bullet-num">
<A NAME="pgfId-1052761"></A>For a PDi TV, unplug the CAT-5 or CAT-6 
cable from the RJ-45 CCI connector on the 422ZP.</P>

The following tags are from the FM doc: Num 1, Num, and bullet num.

In the code above, where it says <P CLASS="Num-1"> should be the first 
numbered step; <P CLASS="Num"> are the remaining steps, and <P 
CLASS="Bullet-num"> are bulleted list items that are formatted to 
indent under items in a numbered list.

It would be tedious to have to go into the HTML for all the lists and 
add the list tags ? as with most user manuals, the whole things is 
full of steps and lists. 

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> What does the markup look like where the ol, ul, and li tags are 
> supposed to
> be? Can you post a sample?
> Mike 
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> Hi Framers,
> FrameMaker 7.0p578
> Windows XP Professional
> I converted a FM book to HTML using Save as, and the conversion 
> remarkably well - tables and graphics look great and the paragraph 
> tagsconverted nicely with the follow exceptions - my bulleted and 
> numbered lists
> have neither bullets nor numbers. 
> Short of going into the html file and adding <ol>/</ol>/, 
> <ul>/</ul>, and
> <li> tags to all the lists (and there are A LOT of them), is there 
> any way
> to have the lists numbered or bulleted as they are in the FM file? 
> Thanks for any help you may offer.
> Pearl Rosenberg
> TeleHealth Services
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