No offense to Kate, and I hope someone takes this job; it sounds like a
good one, but...

if you take it, watch where you put your hand (with apologies to
"Fantastic Voyage")


Joe Malin
Technical Writer
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Hi All,

I'm the Technical Recruiter with IntraLase Corp. located in Irvine, CA.
We are known for our niche Femtosecond Technology.  The IntraLase
ultrafast femtosecond laser is the first bladeless
<>  laser
technology for performing Step One of LASIK and the most accurate
technology for corneal flap creation available today. The laser focuses
an infrared beam of light to precisely separate tissue through a process
called photodisruption. In this process, the focused laser pulses divide
material at the molecular level without the transfer of heat or impact
to the surrounding tissue.  

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