At 16:39 +0200 19/6/06, Patricia Carmel wrote:

>There was a disconnect between my first page, where the first figure appeared 
>and the next page, where the second figure appeared, which is why the second 
>figure thought it was the first one. The question was why: Autoconnect was 
>selected and the tag letter between the frames was consistent. 

Sounds like the breakage occurred between one Word section and another. I find 
this extremely believable.

>Well, I don't know - the only explanation is that the material was pasted from 

Pasted? Whoah... That means that you won't give FrameMaker the chance even to 
exercise a Word import filter. Import filters contain loadsa' code designed to 
weed out Wordities.

>and there must have been a massive amount of garbage screwing up the document.


> My solution was to recreate the info on the first page, apply the first page 
> master page, then delete the corrupt first page.  So far, holding my breath, 
> but it seems to have worked.

My first try would have been to *import* the Word content into a new FrameMaker 
document, clean that up as required and cut and paste from there. But I'm glad 
you've fixed the problem.

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