Hi, Karyn.

We're having exactly the same problem.

We have technical writers in India and in the U.S. who use the same source,
so we've been using CCC Harvest (the library control product our developers
use) to check out the FM files just so we don't overwrite each others'

Harvest can't compare FM files, so, like you, we don't have branches to go
back to for versions from previous releases. And multiple, parallel
releases make it difficult to "freeze" an archive version at the end of a
particular release.

We've decided to bite the bullet and structure all our docs so we can
translate them into XML, which Harvest can manage and compare easily.

Good luck with your system.

Laura Sponhour
Lead Technical Writer

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Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2006 05:36:45 +0000
From: "karyn hunt" <karyn_h...@hotmail.com>
Subject: Methodology for Source Code Control
To: framers at FrameUsers.com
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Hi Guys,

   I know this is somewhat off topic, but perhaps the responses will be
helpful for others. I've been checking my FrameMaker files in to CVS for
source control purposes and just felt the sting of not having used
In other words, I've always checked my FrameMaker files right in to the
and overwritten them with each new release. Until this week, that wasn't a
problem. But this week, I began to see the shortcomings of that system.

   So I'm wondering, how many of you out there use branching when checking
your Frame files in to a source code control system and how many of you
overwrite in one place?

Karyn Hunt


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