Might I clarify? You own Acrobat Standard, yes? You aren't depending on the
PDF print driver that comes with Word, yes? I take it, regular Adobe Acrobat
installs itself in Word so that it will generate linked PDFs from a Word
file when the proper "plug-in" is called into play, right?

At least in Word 2000, from which I have yet to upgrade, the PDF print
driver does no more than create a static, non-html linked product.

The capability of clicking an icon in Word and generating a linked PDF
fascinates me, but is beyond me.

~ Don Spencer

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Actually, it was a lot easier than that. The Acrobat Standard software
didn't install right - the menu options in Word were missing. I un- and
re-installed and now it works fine.

Thanks for the reply.

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> Going from Word to PDF, it seemed to me a year ago, would require
> more than a printer driver, if you wanted to keep the links alive. PDF's
> straight from Word are neutered. No HTML.
> I bought FrameMaker 7.2. Imported the Word file/book w/o master doc. Had
> clean up a lot and learned a lot, recreating most links from scratch, but
> the groundwork was there.
> Now have a slick PDF that will bounce the reader anywhere he wants to go.
> ~ Don Spencer
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> Folks,
> How does one generate a PDF from Word with the links intact? Do you need
> have the Professional version of Acrobat?
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> Rebecca
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