Hi All,

In my FrameMaker book, I have cross-references within the book (using a
cross-reference format called "A") as well as cross-references to an
external file that is not included in the book (using a cross-reference
format called "B"). When I create a PDF, I don't want the
cross-references to the external file to become active links while of
course the internal links (format "A") should be clickable.

Is there an easy way of doing this?

Today I have to copy the complete book. Then I transform all
cross-references of type B (external file) to editable text. Then I
create the PDF. This works but it is cumbersome to make a copy of the
book each time and then just throw the copies away after the PDF has
been generated. In my source I don't want to remove the links to the
external FM file.

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