Here is another technique (somewhat manual) to segregate and alphabetize
your desired terms into a glossary.

Use the FIND command to find "character tag"  (put character tag name in
field.) When you find first instance, open up the Special=>Marker window
and choose "glossary". The selected text is already copied into the
marker window. Click on the [New Marker] button. Repeat FIND to select
next instance, and repeat creating new marker. If you are in windows,
CTR-SH f  -- is the short cut for "find next."  ALT s m  -- is a
shortcut for opening the markers windows. 

When you are finished, Special=>Index of ... markers ... choose
"glossary" for type and generate. In the generated Index of Markers
document, you can manually delete the alpha sort characters and page
numbers. Or, you can edit the "IOM" reference page to have the document
not generate page numbers (delete <$pagenum>); go back to the source
document and regenerate the IOM document. In the generated file you can
search for [paragraph tag] "GroupTitlesIOM" and "change all" in doc
with text [blank] ... this will leave a generated document that only
contains an alpha sorted list of your terms.

If you have in-house expertise to develop a FrameMaker plug-in, it would
be fairly easy to automate these steps.

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Scattered through my current book I have important terms that I'd like
to collect into a glossary. These terms are marked with a special
character tag that only they use. Does anyone out there have a great
idea for a tool or process (or both) that would help me collect the
terms? I don't really need their *definitions*, just the words


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