Janice Cadel wrote: 

> Actually, I am building an automatically-generate LOF from 
> the book file. 
> In the set up, I designate the tag zzFigureTitle as the 
> paragraph tag to be included.  I don't know how to explain 
> other than to say zzFigureTitle is actually a paragraph tag 
> within a paragraph tag.  For example, I will use a Body 
> paragraph tag that has text and then I will insert the marker 
> for the graphic - which is an anchored frame within a single 
> cell table and I have set the title to be after the "table." 
> The title has been assigned the zzFigureTitle paragraph tag.  
> Is that clear?

No, I'm afraid not. There's no such thing as a pgf tag within a pgf tag.
There's no such thing as a marker for a graphic that's a frame within a
table. I suspect that your lack of clarity and your problem with the LOF
both stem from your confusion regarding anchors and markers, frames and
tables, and the nature of your title. You're doing something wrong, but
I'm not sure from your description what it is. 

NOTE: You *do* have View > Text Symbols turned on, right? You really
need to see the anchors, pgf symbols, etc., to know what you're doing.
Spending a bit of time in the manual learning about tables and anchored
frames would help, too.  

Based on what I *think* you're trying to accomplish (but, mind you, I'm
guessing), here's the process you should be following: 

1) Previously, you (or somebody) should have created a table format --
let's say, FigTable -- that's borderless, has Title Position set to
Below Table, by default has one column and one body row, and by default
has its title pgf tagged zzFigureTitle. 

2) Put your cursor at the end of the Body pgf that you want the figure
to follow. Select Table > Insert Table, and insert a FigTable table. 

The table appears below the Body pgf (the Body pgf thus contains the
_table_anchor_ -- not a marker or another pgf). The table title appears
below the table as a dashed-line rectangle containing a zzFigureTitle
pgf. Presumably, zzFigureTitle uses a numbering scheme, so its
autonumber should be there. 

NOTE: There's a good case to be made for anchoring tables in their own
empty pgf, not at the end of the preceding text pgf, but I don't want to
complicate this any further. :-) 

3) Put the cursor in the empty pgf inside the table cell. Select Special
> Anchored Frame and insert a frame of the desired size at the desired
anchor position -- probably At Insertion Point. Alternatively, select
File > Import > File, and let FM create the anchored frame for you upon
import. (If you do the latter, you'll probably want to change the
anchoring position from Below Current Line to At Insertion Point to
avoid unnecessary space above the frame.)

4) Put the cursor in the table title (the zzFigureTitle pgf) and type
the figure title/caption. 

That's it. If the LOF is set up to include the zzFigureTitle pgfs, the
new figure title should be included with the next update/generate. If
it's not working, try to determine where you're deviating from the above

If your LOF doesn't include the titles for the figures at all, then
either the LOF spec on the ref pages is wrong or the table titles aren't
really zzFigureTitle pgfs. 

If your LOF contains two zzFigureTitleLOF pgfs for each figure, one
empty and one containing the title text, then my guess is that you're
not anchoring the FigTable table in the preceding Body pgf -- instead,
you're creating a new zzFigureTitle pgf _after_ the Body pgf and
anchoring the table in that empty pgf. 


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