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> Just got out of the "Benefits of Structured Authoring and Migrating
> In Preparation For XML" webinar a little bit ago.
> One phrase I heard at the beginning of it was along the lines of
> "the DITA plugin should be available in the next week or so."
> Note that on July 11, there is another Adobe webinar titled
> "FrameMaker and DITA" so I imagine it will be out on or before that
> date.  The plugin was installed on the version of 7.2 they were
> using in this webinar.

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Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 live eSeminar Series
July 11, 2006 | Web Application Developer 
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FrameMaker and DITA ?
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM US/Eastern
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Who Should Attend?
FrameMaker unstructured users looking for new functionality to streamline 
your existing workflow
Users taking advantage of the structured environment in FrameMaker and 
want to know what can be done with new support for XSLT and Schemas
MS Word users looking to migrate to a fully structured XML environment
Online eSeminars
In these free online seminars, RJ Jacquez, Senior FrameMaker Technical 
Evangelist will discuss current technical authoring and publishing trends 
that are shaping the technical documentation marketplace and the future 
direction of FrameMaker.
Have You Looked At FrameMaker Lately? [VIEW THIS PREVIOUS SEMINAR 
In this eSeminar, we will look at the wealth of functionality recently 
added to FrameMaker and the trends that are shaping the future of the 
product. You will learn about improving your workflow with several of 
FrameMaker's powerful new features:
Multiple Undo using the History palette
Mapping paragraph styles to custom master pages
XML and DITA enhancements
Improved support for migration to XML structured authoring
Tagged PDF file generation for better document accessibility
Benefits of Structured Authoring and Migrating In Preparation For XML 
In this eSeminar, we will outline the benefits of using Structured 
FrameMaker and guide you through the process of migrating unstructured 
documents from MS Word and unstructured FrameMaker to fully structured and 
XML-ready documentation. You will learn about:
Components of a structured authoring environment
Getting started with Structured FrameMaker and templates available
Migrating documents using conversion tables 
What else is needed for XML publishing
FrameMaker and DITA [11 July 2006]
In this eSeminar, you will learn the pros and cons of adopting DITA as an 
end-to-end solution for authoring, producing and delivering technical 
information at a topic level. You will also learn how FrameMaker embraces 
the DITA architecture in a writer-friendly, WYSIWG environment. You will 
also learn about:
The misconceptions of DITA. What it is and isn't
How do you get started with DITA and planning the move to DITA
Provide resources and templates to help you get started
How Adobe Systems is using DITA internally
A Chance to Win a Wi-Fi enabled Kodak EasyShare - One Digital Camera
Register today for a chance to win a Wi-Fi enabled Kodak EasyShare-One 
Digital Camera. One winner will be selected at the end of the eSeminar 
series. Terms and Conditions 
What Do You Need to Participate? 
Online live seminars are scheduled events simulcast over the web via 
Macromedia Breeze by Adobe. You'll need a computer with a browser, 
Macromedia Flash player and Internet connection. Voice-Over IP will 
broadcast over your computer if you have audio. Alternatively, audio is 
available via telephone. Access details will be prvicided once you 
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Seats are limited and eSeminars are scheduled to change without advanced 

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In the "eSeminar" page, scroll down and find the "Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 
live eSeminar Series" link and click it. 

In the "Event Details" page 
you can now register for the "FrameMaker and DITA" webinar at 12:00 hours 
USA DST (New York) on11 July 2006 in the "Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 live 
eSeminar Series". 


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FrameMaker and DITA
Tuesday, July 11, 2006
12:00 PM US/Eastern
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For Melbourne colleagues, this webinar is being held at Tuesday, 11 July 
2006 at 16:00:00 (UTC, GMT), Tue 12:00 (USA DST; New York), and Wed 02:00 
(AEST; Melbourne).  Thanks, <>!


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