Dave Shenton wrote:

> Hi all, anybody know how to general a list of graphic file 
> names with their extension from a FrameMaker document. Can 
> you do it in Frame or is there a free download or trial offer 
> somewhere

Art suggested generating a List of References (LOR). Depending on your
purpose, you may find an Index of References (IOR) more useful. 

An LOR is like a TOC, listing each instance of an imported graphic in
order of appearance in the book. It's most useful as a tool for locating
each imported graphic within the book -- check Create Hypertext Links in
the setup dialog for the LOR, and then you can Ctrl-Shift-click its
entries to jump to them. 

An IOR, like a regular index, is in alphabetical order, and if an
imported graphic appears in multiple places, there's only one entry with
multiple page numbers. It's much more useful than an LOR for checking
the contents of your graphics directory. 

Both the LOR and IOR show not just the file name, but the path. Here's
an IOR for a small book of mine: 

../../../voy-graphics/note_pin_small.eps 45
../../../voy-graphics/polycom.png @ 120 dpi i
graphics/IP-standard-configurations.pdf 48-52, 54-57
graphics/msg-seq-charts.pdf 16, 21, 27, 32, 37, 41
graphics/OSPF from network-config.pdf 59


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