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>Hi, guys...I'm using Mif2Go (Version 3.3, Update 46) to convert to
>HTML for the first time...I've been using it to convert to Word for
>years. I've defined it to split at two headings, but it names them
>with system names.
>I'd like to have it name each htm file with something understandable,
>like the heading text as the file name.

You can do that.  You can also use a marker of type FileName.
The hazard is that you can easily set two files to have the
same name, resulting in the second one produced overwriting
the first.  This is hard to diagnose when it happens... and
if you are giving names that are not guaranteed unique like
the ones we generate, that is "when" and not "if".  ;-)

>I tried finding it in the help, but couldn't. Anyone give me a

The User's Guide has close to 7000 index entries, among
them "FileName", which refers you to par. 27.7.3, "Using 
custom markers to name split and extract files".  For the
method using para format properties, see par., 
"Constructing file names based on paragraph content".
That method is marked as "deprecated" purely as a warning;
it's way easier to create name conflicts automatically
with it.  Actually, we always maintain back compatibility,
so you can use it safely (aside from the conflict problem).

>BTW...so far, the results are superb. I love the new batch file for
>installation, and it can only get better from here.

Thank you!  Yes, we have quite a few plans for making it
better.  We recently added Eclipse Help, for example, and
some more surprises are coming soon.  ;-)

BTW, you may wonder why we use a simple .bat for install
rather than an install program.  It's for transparency.
Many of our biggest customers are in defense, where you
just don't want to run a program that may try to call
home, make secret registry settings, or put files where
your policies don't permit them.  With our .bat, the IT
folks can see exactly what will happen, and adjust the
instructions as needed to comply with their policies.


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