Bernard asked:

> Are your source files already structured, or do you export to 
> XML using the FM "Save As" feature?

I do indeed use the 'save as' xml feature, my documents are not structured.

Rick suggested:

> I would suggest trying Mif2Go ( to 
> generate your XML from unstructured FrameMaker. It is easier to customize
> output you get and it should resolve the duplicate ID problem. 

Thanks for the suggestion Rick. Unfortunately I'm getting invalid xml
generated by Mif2Go.  


Viewed in Internet Explorer it says "Reference to undefined entity 'nbsp'."
I guess I shall have to email their technical support and see if they can
help. I don't know why there's a non-breaking space there as there isn't in
the Frame document. It's just a blank line in a table, that the Frame XML
treats as follows:

<A ID="pgfId-5736251"></A>

Karen West
Technical Writer
Cyberscience Corp UK

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