There's still time to register...I'll be speaking at the Toronto STC 
Conference - "Preparing for the Content Management Tipping Point" and 
wanted to encourage other list members in the area to attend. This 
event is a knock out event and features great presenters and excellent 
workshop topics. See press release below for details.

The Content Wrangler, Inc.
Scott Abel, Content Management Strategist
3421 Crystal Lakes Ct., Sarasota FL 34235
abelsp at      941-359-3416
Via Skype: abelsp - Look there first!

Toronto ON - Your role as a technical communicator is destined to 
change. Are you ready? From March 27-29, the Toronto chapter of the 
Society for Technical Communication (STC) is presenting a three-day 
hands-on workshop series on Preparing for the Content Management 
Tipping Point. Several of the best-known industry experts and 
luminaries will lead us through half-day sessions on information 
design, architecture, and technologies needed for managing technical 

The first day helps us to consider our written information and how it 
is prepared for content management. Saul Carliner, of Concordia 
University, kicks off the series with an exploration of information 
design. Saul is an STC Fellow, author, and respected researcher in the 
field of technical communication. His workshop looks at how content and 
design affect the delivery and consumption of information. Jim Purdy, 
of Communicare in Toronto, looks into the well-established best 
practices of Information MappingR. Jim is Vice President Training at 
Communicare and a Master Trainer in the Information Mapping 
methodology. This workshop takes us through the process for structuring 
content for usability using Information Mapping.

The second day of workshops focuses more on the technologies used to 
manage content. Michael Priestley, of IBM, sets aside the morning to 
walk us through the intricacies of DITA (Darwin Information Typing 
Architecture), an approved standard for managing XML content. Michael 
is a lead DITA Architect at IBM and one of the standard's original 
authors. Scott Abel, the Content Wrangler, dedicates the afternoon to 
examining many of the peripheral technologies that will impact the way 
content is collected, managed, and distributed. Scott is a founding 
member and Vice President of Content Management Professionals (CM Pros) 
and a sought-after speaker on many advanced technical communication 

On the final day of the series, we look at how content management is 
implemented. Ann Rockley, of the Rockley Group, helps us develop a 
content management reuse strategy. Ann is an STC Fellow and a true 
pioneer in the field of online communication and single-source 
publishing. Her book, Managing Enterprise Content: A Unified Content 
Strategy, is the definitive source for planning and implementing 
content management solutions.

The afternoon program is hosted by CM Pros (Content Management 
Professionals) and features: Content Management - Doing it right. A 
variety of speakers will cover such topics as building a business case, 
DITA-based content management tools, getting started with content 
management and more. CM Pros is a non-profit organization established 
in 2003. The event is open to all members of the community but is 
limited to no more than 40 participants.

Advanced registration closes March 10. Members of either the STC or CM 
Pros enjoy significant discounts on registration. Visit to register online or call us 
at +1 (416) 941-8383 x 13826. VISA, check or money order, and PayPal 
accepted. Money raised by the conference will be used to support the 
Toronto STC chapter.

Cheers, Rob Hanna, President, Toronto STC

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