At 23:32 +0000 2/3/06, Cutler, Sonia S T wrote:

>Could anyone kindly tell me how you can get a coloured header (by coloured I 
>am referring to background colour) to bleed into the top of the page 
>(effectively extending the colour beyond the header text frame)?

Sonia: let me understand - you want to bleed *out of* a text box, and *onto* 
visible page area? This seems to be different to what bleeds normally imply, 
which is either to extend a filled object off the final page area to ensure 
that there is no unsightly white space when the page is cropped, or to set up 
bleeds for multi-plate printing.

If you really mean a page edge bleed, this is really quite easy. Set up the 
colored object (whatever it is) with enough extra size to create the bleed you 
need,then nudge the graphic off the visible page by the required amount. You 
can check the bleeds by creating a PDF with crop marks set on.

If I read your query literally, though, then directly, no there isn't, as I 
presume that you've added color fill to the header frame itself. If you're 
working on a master page, however, you can achieve the result you want by 
drawing the colored object with the graphics tools, making it oversize, and 
placing it behind the header frame.


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