I have two files of a huge book that refuse to distill to PDF. One is
the generated Table of Contents for the book and the other is the
subject matter index that has zillions of cross-references to the page
numbers of the entries. There are no unresolved cross references in any
of the book files, and the rest of the book's files distilled to PDF
just fine. The error log for the Table of Contents says 

[ pdfmark err info: Empty parent stack ]% 

on page 14 and

 [ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: pdfmark; ErrorInfo: StPop ]%% 

after the last page line. 

The error log on the subject index has after the line for the last page 

[ Error: undefined; OffendingCommand: pdfmark; ErrorInfo: _objdef
A208898.1 ]%%

Is there any listing of error codes somewhere that would let me figure
out what these mean so that I can fix the problem? Or is there some way
to jump to the problem spots to identify them? I have no clue why these
are refusing to PDF. The only time I ever had problems with PDFing was
for files that had a graphic that caused a glitch in the file. Neither
of the problem files have graphics in them.

Working with Frame 7.1 (Windows XP Pro, files on server), Acrobat 5.

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