Just a quick email to the list to say if you have an interest in Korean 
or martial arts language learning, you might check out the latest 
project from Adobe FrameMaker guru Kay Ethier. Kay was unable to locate 
Korean language learning materials for  her children who were enrolled 
in Tang Soo Do classes. Frustrated, Kay hired some Korean martial arts 
and language learning experts, cranked up Adobe FrameMaker and went to 
work creating her first product, "Learning Korean: Martial Arts 

Available here: www.aboveandbeyondlearning.com

This is truly an example of practicing what you preach! Kay was able to 
produce a multi-lingual, multi-media product (a CD and book) from a 
single source -- using Adobe FrameMaker as the both the authoring tool 
and publishing engine.

Kudos to Kay! I'm sure there are many other parents out there looking 
for quality language learning materials. Now they have Above and Beyond 
Learning to help them.

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