This appeared on the InDesign list today. The application sounds interesting. 
From the website, 'For authoring long and complex documents or books, Typefi 
Publish offers an ideal way for multiple authors, editors and contributors to 

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>Typefi is a _scriptless_ automated XML-based composition system built
>on top of InDesign Server CS2. Part of the scriptless bit is the
>Typefi InDesign plug-ins allow _designers_ (not programmers) to
>quickly and easily create automated templates (WYSIWYG); no prior
>knowledge of XML or scripting required--if you know ID, use master
>pages, and use para/char styles then 1/2 day and you'd be up and
>Note, we're not leaving scripters out cold, our next release is
>extensible via event-driven scripting at both the server and
>pagination level (e.g., manipulate the XML stream before it's passed
>to the Typefi Engine, rules-based page balancing on a section-by-
>section basis, etc.). It's pretty cool... ;-)
>We're presenting at the Henry Stewart DAM Symposium next week in NYC
>and will also be at the InDesign + Creative Suitcase conference(s) in
>Chicago in May.
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