At 13:54 +0200 8/3/06, Zimerman Orly wrote:

>I am working on a book, where there are lots of Cross Reference markers.
>I need to work backwards for some items.
>For a few of the markers (the upside T's), I need to find out where the source 
>is (i.e. what is the opposite of Control-Shift-click) that brings the user to 
>the current place.
>Is there a way to use the paragraph ID and find this out (it is listed in the 
>C-R marker info)?

I asked the self-same question a couple of months ago. The short answer is 
'no', the longer answer is below. Check the archives? If you can't find what 
you want, mail me off-list and I'll send you the complete thread.

At 11:25 -0500 7/2/06, Bernard Aschwanden wrote:

>If you need to find all the markers and group them to see what points TO a 
>reference, try building a List of Markers (type is cross-reference) and see if 
>that helps.
>In the list of markers you will find this type of content:
>22009: Heading 3: Printing
>Then look for a Heading 3 with the text Printing in your docs. Not a 100$ 
>reliable system as it needs to have the same text remain in the paragraph (the 
>word Printing is used on first insertion, so later edits don't get reflected, 
>for example, changing it to read Print to PDF still has the marker text 22009: 
>Heading 3: Printing a Scan Window)


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