Thank you for your comments. I wanted to be accurate, and I checked with
our DTP person to tell me exactly what the matter was; in fact, we were
having Acrobat Preflight problems with **.ai** files.

There were NO problems with **.eps** files (yes, they are imported as
eps, and they do not have borders.) I'm very sorry for the mistake in my
initial report.

To put it straight;
- The graphics are .ai files with minimum line width of 0.2 pts. 
- The PDFs of these graphics created by Illustrator do not have problems
when checked by Acrobat Preflight for lines less than 0.2 pts. 
- When these .ai graphics are imported to a FM doc and a PDF is created
by FM, this PDF does have a problem with Acrobat Preflight.
- We also tested the same graphics saved as .eps. Neither the standalone
graphics nor FM docs had problems with Preflight in this case.

Depending on the Acrobat version, that is. We found out that this
problem happens when we use Acrobat Windows versions 6.0.1 to 6.0.4, but
NOT in 6.0.0. I ran the preflight check myself against the same PDF
files, first reinstalling and then updating Acrobat, so I'm sure of this. 

Our DTP person tested it on Macintosh Acrobat 6.0.0 and 6.0.4, and he
got similar results; i.e., no problems in 6.0.0; .ai graphics imported
in FM is reported as an error, but not the others, in 6.0.4.

So using .eps instead of .ai would be a solution, but for reasons I'm
not familiar with, our client has specified using .ai files instead of
.eps for these particular projects, whose final output is HTML converted
via WWP, by the way.


On Wed, 8 Mar 2006 11:33:06 -0800
"Dov Isaacs" <isaacs at> wrote:

> I assume that the EPS files are being imported 
> as EPS into FrameMaker, correct?
> FrameMaker does not modify the content of EPS
> imported into documents. It is passed directly to
> PostScript printers, which the Distiller acts as
> for purpose of creating PDF files. 
> HOWEVER, when generating PostScript for the document
> at print time, FrameMaker must use generate a page
> location and scaling factor for the EPS. I suspect
> that somehow the scaling factor being used in the
> example you cite is something like 0.9999. Why is
> this happening? Perhaps you are putting a border
> on the imported EPS frame? I would need to test this
> out, but my best guess is that FrameMaker may be
> "shrinking" the scale factor from 1.0000 to account
> for any border applied in FrameMaker itself to the 
> EPS file's frame.
>       - Dov

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