It is great that you could alleviate your problem by finding hardware that
is more suitable for you.
However, do not be complacent. You experienced theseproblems because of the
way you use yourself when working at the computer: keyboarding, mousing,
scrolling, looking at the screen, sitting, using your hands, arms,
shoulders, eyes, and even elbows.

To ensure that you do not suffer a reoccurence of incipient RSI, I recommend
finding Feldenkrais Method  classes in your area. The Feldenkrais Method is
an advanced method of somatic learning that leads to more efficient and
satisfactory movement. And as Dr. M. Feldenkrais said: "When you imporve one
function,  everything improves".

Good luck and healthy computing,
Leah Smaller
Technical Writer and Feldenkrais Method coach

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