Well, the bad news is you're wrong (curse those trainers anyway!). The
good news is that it's easy to fix.

The automatic way to do it is with Rick Quatro's PageLabeler plug in,
which transfers the page numbers accurately from FM to Acrobat.

The manual way is to open the generated .pdf file in Acrobat, select
the Page tab, and then use the Numbering tool to set the page
numbering properly. Not a big deal nor really time-consuming, but it
gets to be a drag the 18th time you have to do it.


On 3/20/06, Neil Tubb <neil.tubb at solacesystems.com> wrote:
> Our trainers are complaining to us that the page numbers in our PDF
> manuals (authored in Frame 7.1 on WinXP) don't line up with the
> document's page numbers. We told them there is nothing we can do about
> this, as Acrobat just assumes the first page is page 1-even if it is the
> title page or whatever.
> Am I wrong? Is there a utility out there that would let me control my
> PDF output in this way? Any advice would be appreciated...

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