Theresa de Valence wrote:
> Subject: 4 sided pages in book printing?
> Hello Framers and John (because I like your answers to other peoples'
> questions!):
> I am just getting around to setting up my first book to print
> semi-automatically on legal paper from a regular office printer (later
> to be converted into 5.5" x 8.5" pages). Up until now I have created
> such documents by manually selecting where each article would print on
> which page. I would now like to set up the book so that this is a more
> automated process.
> So far, these are the issues which I must resolve along with my guess at
> the right way to do it:

The right way to do it is either as John suggests, by letting a 
professional print house take care of it, or (if you are definitely 
printing in-house regardless) by buying a page imposition program such 
as QuiteImposing ( or (at the less expensive end) Clickbook 
from Blue Squirrel ( These programs take your 
regularly paginated FM book and rearrange the pages to print in booklet 

Dov Isaacs warns against the less expensive solutions, but so far I've 
had no problems using Clickbook to print to Adobe PDF and thence to our 
colour printer. (OK, *one* problem: Clickbook can't handle EPS graphics 
properly. I just changed to PNG and JPG.)


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