At 02:56 PM 3/22/2006, Petersen, Oran C wrote:
>We are doing simple "save as" to XML from structured Frame 7.0 files
>that contain hyperlinks. In the XML file the hyperlinks are being
>flagged as there, but are empty of values.
>This XML is being heavily massaged through external programs, but we do
>need the actual hyperlink values to appear in the output.
>Does anyone know why this might be happening? We have made different
>choices from the list with the same negative results.

   Are the hyperlink markers defined to be elements or non-element markers? 
Do you want the marker text written as an attribute or the content of the 
element? If content, you'll need a Marker Text Is Content r/w rule.  If an 
attribute, make sure your DTD declares the attribute to use. If the 
attribute name is not Text, you'll need a r/w rule to specify the attribute 
used for this information.

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