Gillian Flato wrote:
> I used the Paragraph designer and language is set to US English. 
> Thanks,
> Gillian Flato
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> At a guess, you're using a character tag to apply the font, and that tag
> has language set to "None". You can check (and change) this in the
> character designer. The same feature happens in the paragraph designer.
> Setting language to none stops FM from using a dictionary with it and
> therefore stops the spellcheck.
> Cheers, Rebecca
>>>> "Gillian Flato" <gflato at> 03/24/06 12:18 PM >>>
> I have a word in a font called TechnicBold. If I search for a word with
> it applied with Find, I can't find it. If I change the font on the word
> to Times New Roman, it finds it just fine. Why would the Find feature
> not be able to find a word just cause of the font applied to it?


I wonder if that font has ligatures that FM is not recognizing. (Things 
like "fi" or "fl" that are a single character.) Have you tried copying 
the word from the body text and pasting it into the Find text box?

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