The problem is that you have not told FrameMaker how many columns there 
are in the table, so it only creates one column. One easy fix is to add a 
cols attribute to your tgroup element whose value is the number of columns 
in the table.

At 08:55 PM 3/26/2006, Noah Evans wrote:
>Hey, I'm still very new to framemaker so please bear with me. I've written 
>a dtd and a set of rules files to try to convert a basic table from 
>xml(sorry for the Japanese characters): 
><table>     <tgroup>         <thead>             <row> 
></row>         </thead>         <tbody>             <row> 
></row>             <row> 
></row>         </tbody>     </tgroup> </table> which uses the following 
>dtd: <!ELEMENT table (title?,tgroup+)> <!ELEMENT tgroup (thead?,tbody)> 
><!ELEMENT thead (row+)> <!ELEMENT tbody (row+)> <!ELEMENT row (entry+)> 
><!ELEMENT entry (#PCDATA)> When I try to convert this to structured 
>framemaker I get stuck with each of the <entry>ies all crammed together in 
>one column. Everything is being identified correctly in the edd with the 
>right element types etc...(I would post the edd but this is on Japanese 
>framemaker). I'm sure I'm missing something very simple regarding how 
>structured framemaker does table translation. Any advice on what I'm 
>missing? Noah Evans Nara Japa_______________________________________________
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