I have a deep dark and most embarrassing secret. I changed the names of the
first three files in a book while converting from FrameMaker 6.0 to
unstructured 7.2. So as not to affect legacy files, I transferred them to
another hard drive and changed names of the files and the book. As I updated
the files for the new release, I changed variable names for the product,
deleted two old variable names for components that are no longer used and
deleted about 10 pages, which contained cross-references. The
cross-references still refer to old file names because they are behaving as
if the old book exists. Every time I add new information, and save a file, I
get foul messages about cross-references being broken.
Can I salvage my effort by saving the book under the old name and the files
under the old name? When I attempted to save the files under the old names,
I got the message that replacing it will break cross-references.
What if I copy the content for the first two chapters that are changed
drastically and cut and paste it in old book files (will still have broken
cross-references which I will have to fix)? Right now, as I open and change
a new file, cross-references are broken? How can I avoid the repetition of
the broken references for the rest of the files?

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