I can see that it *might* be useful to include the product name
in the caption if each figure if the product name doesn't already
appear somewhere on the page (like the header or footer). But
I'm not sure that I see how having the product name repeated 
in several dozen (or a hundred or so) consecutive entries in
the LOF is adding any value. To me, it will make the LOF 
harder to use because readers will not be able to do a quick
scan down the left margin to find the screen they are interested

Having said that, my approach would be to find some way to
eliminate the product name from the LOF entries. If the 
captions are not numbered you could use the paragraph's 
Numbering properties to insert the product name in the captions
so that the <$paratext> building block in the LOF would pick 
up only the text of the caption (screen name) and keep things 
shorter in each entry. 

Other than that, the only real solution is to fiddle with the 
right margin setting relative to the tab stop for the page 
numbers. You need them to be as close together as possible.
One of the few features of MS Word that I really miss is the
ability to set the tab stop for the page number column to 
be *outside* the right indent for TOC/LOT/LOF entries; the
way Word does it, the right indent controls where the line 
will break independently of the page number column's position.
But in FrameMaker, any tab stop beyond the right indent is
completely ignored.

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder (fred dot ridder at intel dot com)
Parsippany, NJ

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We are generating a book with over 50 chapters, each of which has a
of figures. So far, we have decided that the product name and the screen

name should be included in the figure caption, so several of them are 
quite long. I'm using Frame 7.0 on Windows XP.

I have been able to format the LOF so that if the caption text is too
for the line, it wraps and a tab places the page number at the far right

margin of the 2nd line. The only time this doesn't happen is when the 
caption text is just long enough to fit on one line, not long enough to 
wrap, but long enough to force the page number to the next line. When
happens, the caption text is on one line and the page number on another,

but the number is at the left margin, not the right.

I have tried adjusting tabs, inserting nonbreaking spaces at the end of 
the problem captions,and playing with letter spacing,  with no luck. I 
have two tabs for this paragraph, one between the figure number and the 
caption text, and one between the caption text and the page number.

I need to have the number on the right margin, even if the text is just 
long enough to fit on the line and only the number gets pushed to the

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can make this happen? So far, only 
manual intervention to force a tab on the second line has worked, but we

have a lot of figures so this is not the preferred solution.

Thanks in advance!

Susan McDonald
Teradyne, Inc.

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