The one change I dislike (read: "that drove me insane") in FM 7.2 is the
way it handles PgUp/PgDown keypresses. In previous versions, using these
would take you to the next/prev page; in FM 7.2, you're taken to the
next/prev screen instead. 

To change this, I added two lines to my customui.cfg:

<Modify GotoNextPage <KeySequence /PgDn>>

<Modify GotoPreviousPage <KeySequence /PgUp>>

(I also removed the two lines with the default definitions for /PgDn and
/PgUp from wincmds.cfg, but in retrospect that probably wasn't
necessary: customui.cfg overrides any commands in wincmds.cfg)

This level of customizability is why I love Frame...

Harro de Jong

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