Thanks for the feedback!

I forgot to update my template! (Import the EDD into the template file 
specified in the application.)


Don Rinderknecht -- KD5MVV
Meteorologist Instructor/Developer ~ Warning Decision Training Branch
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Donald M Rinderknecht wrote:

> Hi All,
> I think I'm forgetting something basic.... but I need your assistance.
> I have a structured application.
> I made an edit to the EDD... (added a ? to a general rule).
> When I use the structured app, the new rule is not implemented.
> If I manually import the element defs it is.
> Q1. What did I forget to do to this structured app when updating my EDD?
> I put it in the correct folder (c:\Program 
> Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\strucure\xml\thisAppName).
> Q2. Just to double check, though... how can I find out what is defined 
> Thanks,
> Don.

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