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>I have a 100-page legacy book with embedded graphics (average 2 per page,
>PCX format).  Is there a way to export the graphics to individual files in
>some sort of batch operation?  

Yes.  You can do that with the free demo version of Mif2Go:
Choose any format (like Generic HTML), and in the .ini set:


They will appear with names of form aaaannnn.pcx, where 
aaaa is from the file name and nnnn is a number beginning 
with 0001 for each file.  You can set how many letters 
and numbers are used; see the User's Guide, par. 2.4.2, 
"Replacing embedded graphics with referenced graphics".

>And -- even better -- is there a way to convert them to 
>linked graphics in the file without re-importing each one

Not with Mif2Go.  However, IIRC, Rick Quatro has a plugin
that does that.  I just looked on his site and don't see
it, but you might ask him directly:


>Thanks for any wisdom.  I'm probably asking for way too much here.

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