In FrameMaker releases prior to 6, chapter auto-numbering can only be 
done with paragraph-based auto-number formats, in combination with 
the book window and File > Generate/Update. (FrameMaker 6 introduced 
the <$chapnum> book-wide building block, although the older method 
also worked.)

For detailed information on auto-numbering in FrameMaker 5.5, consult 
the online help, user manual, and search the archives of, and the FrameMaker User-to-User forums. 
Also, search Google for framemaker tutorials.

At 5:27 AM -0700 5/7/06, Peter Courlis wrote:
>Obvious question:
>How do I get Chapters to autonumber?
>(Files or chapters auto number for pagination OK (???)
>As one person indicated:
>and Numbering Dialog box comes up...
>But this Dialog Box only effects Page Numbering,
>there is nothing there for Chapter Numbering.

You're correct! This suggestion applies to FrameMaker releases 
beginning with 6.


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