It sounds like you might want to use the frameset version of the Dynamic
HTML template. I have made this work when I configured it all in WWP Pro,
then ran the template in WWP Standard. I'm not sure where in WWP Standard
to find the settings that make this work.

In the frameset version of the Dynamic HTML template, the left pane shows
the TOC and the right pane shows the content of the selected topic. To set
this, create project using the Dynamic HTML template, then go to Project >
Options. On the TOC/IX tab, select Generate a frameset file. You can use
the default name or give it a name of your own.


At 01:54 PM 5/8/2006, Joanne Curme wrote:
>The documentation (such as it is :)) for WebWorks Standard, which comes with
>FrameMaker 7.0, says it can create a 2-frame page for a multi-doc set where
>the titles of the docs remain listed in the left pane while the contents
>display in the right pane.
>I have not been able to get this to work in this version of WebWorks. Has
>anyone else?

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