Verify that you are running the most recent available ePublisher Pro 
version from the Quadralay Web site. I believe Quadralay has fixed these 
problems in more recent builds.


John Sgammato wrote:
> I appreciate any guidance on this frustrating puzzle - 
> I am generating WW Help 5 from a 258pp, 21-chapter software manual done
> in FrameMaker 7.2. I use pretty mundane indexing, with some help from
> IXgen. There are some multiple entries in a single marker, a few
> <$nopage> entries, but nothing truly cutting edge.
> The FrameMaker manual index is fine, and the PDF versions are fine, but
> the WW5 help:
> A) ignores a number of normal index entries
> B) has at least one instance of an index entry with three subentries

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