If your premise is correct, namely that the formatting
in element Table will be inherited by the table title
and the cells within the table, it's going to be a
mighty strange table, because all text will be 2.0 pt
with a space below of -2.0 pt. clearly, the intent of
this formatting is to create the table anchor.
--- "Lynne A. Price" <lprice at txstruct.com> wrote:
> Bodvar,
>    No change. Paragraph formatting defined in a
> table element applies to 
> paragraphs in the table title and cells within the
> table.
Bodvar wrote:
> There is a table definition that sets the text
> formats like this:
> Text format rules
>   In all contexts.
>     Basic properties
>       Paragraph spacing
>         Space below: -2.0 pt
>       Line spacing
>         Height: 3.0 pt
>       Default font properties
>         Size: 2.0 pt

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