Hi Scott,

My TableCleaner (Windows) plugin does this. I don't remember if you are on 
PC or Mac.


Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Folks
> Just wondering if there is a way to set all tables to the width of a 
> column
> all at once, instead of having to select each table and resize?
> What I have is content we import in into a 1-column proofing template. 
> Since
> the tables that come in with this information are different sizes, we were
> wondering if there was a global setting to fit all tables in one column --
> 7.25" in width.  This would help with editing and proofing.
> Right now we have to select each table and use the resize function to get
> the table adjusted correctly.
> Any help would be appreciated.
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> Scott White
> Media Production Manager
> AlaMark Technologies
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> swhite at alamark.com

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