I have been converting Word documents to FrameMaker 7.1. (Win 2K)

   1. Only the embedded Word graphics exist.
   2. All graphics in the FrameMaker document must be imported by reference.

My solution was to copy each Word graphic into an FM document, save it 
as a .fm file, and import the .fm file by reference into the FM 
document. This has seemed to be a workable solution, and I've used it to 
convert three manuals.of 100 pp. each.

I've created PDF files for two of the manuals (containing books with 
several chapters), but the PDF fails in the case of the third manual  In 
this case, the problem seems to be with the graphic: each page after the 
page containing the graphic shows a block of text the same size and in 
the same position as the graphic on the page before.

This is probably a "primitive" solution for getting the graphics into 
the FM documents. I'll be grateful for any suggestions for doing this a 
better way.


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