Well, I figured it out. 
I am indeed using the most recent version of ePublisher, and I am using
the index generated by the normal online help generation procedure.

One was something stupid I should have thought of, 
The other was a little odd and maybe cautionary. 

The missing links were links that had been conditional text, made
visible, but never un-conditioned. I should have remembered that I had
conditioned part of my own book!

The double-entry issue was weird. 
I had a heading "VASCO Integration" with two subentries.
I had another heading "VASCO integration" (small "i") with one subentry.
ePublisher duplicated the first main entry, and then combined all three
subentries under each copy of the main entry.

When I renamed integration to Integration and regenerated, I ended up
with one main entry and three subentries, as I wanted.

Thanks for the ideas!

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Are you allowing WWP to generate the index based on markers or are you
forcing the generation of HTML from the IX.fm file?

You may want to post this to the WWP-Users list if you have not

On 5/8/06, John Sgammato <jsgammato at imprivata.com> wrote:
> I appreciate any guidance on this frustrating puzzle -
> I am generating WW Help 5 from a 258pp, 21-chapter software manual
> in FrameMaker 7.2. I use pretty mundane indexing, with some help from
> IXgen. There are some multiple entries in a single marker, a few
> <$nopage> entries, but nothing truly cutting edge.
> The FrameMaker manual index is fine, and the PDF versions are fine,
> the WW5 help:
> A) ignores a number of normal index entries
> B) has at least one instance of an index entry with three subentries
> completely reproduced adjacent to the original

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