Don't you just hate it when someone overcomplicates things? SORRY! Yes, I
finally remembered that I could get a list of the tags via IOR. 

However, I still would like to know if there's a tool by which I can delete
condition tags at the book level, preferably in a batch process, and ideally
providing a way to indicate whether to remap the tag, delete the tagged
text, or convert the tagged text to unconditional text. Any ideas?

Rene S.

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Is there a similar tool that will clean out the unused condition tags? If
not, is there at least a tool, plugin, or FrameScript that can provide a
report of all the condition tags used in the book? I think it is possible,
because View > Show/Hide Conditional Text does display all the tags in the
book. I can use FindChangeFormatsBatch to remap the unnecessary condition
tags to different tags or to a single tag, but then I'd have to open each
template file to manually delete each unnecessary condition tag, one at a
time. </snip>

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