Wendy Fish wrote: 

> How can I get the default punctuation (colon + two
> spaces) and hard return of my runin paragraph tag to 
> conditionalize? I've tried just about everything. I even 
> changed the paragraph style to "Body" and conditionalized the 
> entire paragraph (hard return included), but when I changed 
> this newly conditional paragraph back to "Runin" the colon 
> and hard return magically returned to an unconditional state. 

You almost certainly didn't select the *entire* paragraph. Run-in heads
can be a bit of a problem because the pilcrow (paragraph symbol) at the
end sits atop (or is it underneath?) the first char in the following
pgf, it's not highlighted when you select the entire pgf, and it doesn't
take on the color assigned to the condition (if any). 

You're on the right track by making it a non-run-in pgf temporarily. Try
that again, but like this: 

1) Make sure that: 
   (a) text symbols are displayed (View > Text Symbols is checked)
   (b) the condition has a distinctive color
   (c) Show Condition Indicators is on
   (d) Show All is selected 

2) Don't change the pgf tag -- just go into the Designer's Pagination
tab, set Format to In Column and click Apply. 

3) Now, select the *entire* pgf, including the pilcrow (triple-clicking
in it should do it). Verify that the whole thing is highlighted. 

4) Apply the condition and confirm that the *entire* pgf, including
pilcrow, has the condition color. 

5) Reapply the pgf format to remove the override (thus changing
Pagination Format back to Run-In Head). 

6) Finally, hide the applied condition. 

That should do it. 


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