Hi Don,

FrameScript would certainly pay for itself with this job alone. If you 
decide to try it, here is the code to add a 1 point border to all of the 
imported graphics on body pages in the document.

If ActiveDoc = 0
  MsgBox 'There is no active document.';
  Run ProcessDoc oDoc(ActiveDoc);

Sub ProcessDoc
Set oGraphic = oDoc.FirstGraphicInDoc;
Loop While(oGraphic)
  // See if the graphic is an imported graphic.
  If oGraphic.ObjectName = 'Inset'
    // See if the graphic is on a body page.
    If oGraphic.Page.ObjectName = 'BodyPage'
      Set oGraphic.Pen = FillBlack;
      Set oGraphic.BorderWidth = 1pt;
  Set oGraphic = oGraphic.NextGraphicInDoc;

Without FrameScript, you could save your documents as MIF and use a text 
editor to add the border. See the online MIF Reference for the syntax 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> All,
> Is there a way to automate putting an outline on a graphic object. (Other 
> than using FrameScript which I don't have.)
> I can do this manually by selecting the object then the Tools Palette but 
> I've got about 1200 graphic objects to modify.
> If not, I'll look at modifying the actual graphic to put a border on them.
> Thanks,
> Don.
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