The XSLT processor reads the DTD and creates an internal representation 
of the document tree, including entity references. You should be able to 
access these entities via the XSLT unparsed-entity-uri() function. For 
example, the following fragment should populate an XSLT variable with 
the pathname to the original graphic --

<xsl:variable name="target" 
select="unparsed-entity-uri(ImportedGraphic1)" />

I haven't tested this, but you may need to convert these entity 
references to attribute values  (e.g. <graphic href="{$target}" /> ) in 
your import XSLT transform.

It is Very Annoying that XSLT/XPath does not provide a handle to the 
original DocType declaration, but this is an XSLT issue, not a 
FrameMaker issue.


Wim Hooghwinkel (Scriptware) wrote:
> We try to use an XSLT on import of XML (FM 7.2).
> Now the XSLT removes the DocType declaration from the XML file. We can reset 
> the DocType itself, but how can we resolve the Document Specific 
> Declarations, like: 
> <!ENTITY ImportedGraphic1 SYSTEM "../eps/02010200-1PV4-0000Ea.eps" NDATA epsi>
> As these are 'in' the DocType element they disappear after transformation. 
> thanks,
Alan Houser, President
Group Wellesley, Inc.

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