Oh, I agree!!! Word's 'Master docs' are from one of the sub-basements of
A disused one at that, to judge how little effort has apparently gone
into fixing the long-known problems of that "feature".

I almost did not send the post on because of that suggestion, but the
others in it made sense, so I decided to let the commons decide. <g>


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>Word 2003: Six Slick Tricks for Long Docs


>3.     Use a Master Document

Now *there's* a piece of advice I will *never*, *EVER* follow.
I lost a week of my life to retyping (and re-drawing figures for) an
entire product manual that the product designer had written in Word
using the then-new Master Document feature. Never again will I take that
risk, no matter how many times Microsoft tells me that all the bugs have
been fixed. (Look how well they've done fixing the bugs in the
autonumbering feature...)

My opinions only; I don't speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
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