While my 16-file book was open and I had updated content in about four
files, I somehow got out of the book. The window showed all other files
except the book. I saved all files individually with original names, created
a new book and put all the files in the book there and called it "new book".
This was about 6:50 pm. The folder in which I kept all book files now has
new files for all chapters in the format "copy of first file..." "copy of
second file", and so on and save time of about 6:50 pm. The original files
have save time between 4:30 pm to 6 pm as I went about saving them. They
have same names as before, my edits seem to be intact in these as well.

What book would be preferable to use? The "new book" created at 6:50 pm, or
the original created about two weeks ago? Will the original book surprise me
with older information and confused relationships between cross-references?
Would I get a clean plate if I switched to the "new book" and have assurance
that the chapters and cross-references will behave if I switched to the "new

Is FrameMaker smart to look to "copy of..." files for latest info just as it
asks to use the "recover" files instead? Am I on the right track in wanting
to save all older files to a separate folder start anew with the new book?

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