>From: Stuart Rogers <srogers at phoenix-geophysics.com>

>Regrettably, Jon, it sounds from McGhie's explanation that even your 
>exhaustively careful preparation of numbering will not immunize you from 
>all risks of numbering disaster. Apparently all you have to do is copy some 
>numbered (or just bulleted!) content from another document and paste it 
>into yours...

In my experience with Word, the only truly reliable way to handle
numbering in Word is to avoid the autonumber feature altogether
and instead roll your own with the SEQ field code, which you
wind up using in a way that is fundamentally pretty similar to
FrameMaker's paragraph numbering except that you have to
assign a name to each individual digit's counter rather than being
able to name a complete multi-digit series as in Frame.

Unfortunately, since bullets use the same mechanism in Word, you
still have to live with bizarre behavior in that feature...

Fred Ridder

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