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>Dear Framers:
>I am working on a job where i keep running into
>this problem which is driving me nuts. Especially
>since I know I used to be able to solve it...
>Simply put: when i make an adjustment to a
>paragraph tag--change the font size or the margins
>FM makes a Tag1, with the second change
>I get Tag2, and endlessly on.
>There used to be a global change back/for mechanism
>but I cannot reconstruct it.

You don't say what you ARE doing, but it's supposed to be as simple 
as you remember:

* Place an insertion pointer into an example of the paragraph format 
you want to change.

* In the paragraph designer, choose the property page you want to 
change, and change things to suit.

* Click "Update All." If you observe carefully, you'll see that the 
Update All button is near "Formats Tagged: <insertion point format 
name here>. The button can only display one line of text, so the 
meaning is a little unclear.

This operation changes all the paragraphs in the current file that 
use the current format. No new name should be created, unless perhaps 
you're using File > Utilities > Create and Apply Formats.

* Repeat the steps to make changes in other paragraph designer property groups.

* Distribute the change format definitions to other files with File > 
Import > Formats. If you start the import from a single file, you 
import into that one file from one source file. If you start from a 
book window, with some or all files selected, import works from one 
file to all selected files.

* TIP * There's no undo, but if you import into opened and saved 
files, you can revert them if the result isn't correct.



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