Why don't you get a copy of Bruce Foster's Archive plug in, run it on
your original
book and use the files that the program includes in the archive directory.


On 5/22/06, Nandini Garud <nandini at> wrote:
> Dear Framers,
> Because there were too many versions of the book files in the folder
> "Old-New" on the network drive F, we created a new folder "CD5 Book Files"
> on the same network drive F and transferred the latest copies and the book
> to that folder. As Frame started looking for the graphics in the old folder,
> (duh!) we transferred the graphics folder there as well.
> Now the cross-references (about 100 of them altogether) look to the files in
> the "Old-New" folder instead of the files in the new "CD5 Book Files".  When
> I go into Edit "update references" and choose the new folder "CD5 Book
> Files" It works for the files outside the current chapter, but for the
> current chapter, I have to go inside the file and choose the cross-reference
> and update it again. These are correct x-references, but the format for the
> cross-reference comes up as for chapter 4, although the reference is to
> chapter 5, 6, 3...
> After updating, when I check the reference, it's the same problem all over
> again.
> Would it help to move the book to the "Old-New folder?" We saved it under
> "CD5 Old Book Files."
> After I chose "save every 5 minutes" in the preferences, "auto" copies have
> been created for the files I updated. FrameMaker prompts me whether I want
> to use those files as the latest saves may be there. Is this why my
> cross-reference are not taking effect? When I selected edit > update
> references from the files, I am directed to the file with the .auto
> extension.
> Should I delete the auto files and save the original files? Will the
> cross-references work then and remain working?
> Sorry for a detailed question.
> Nandini
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