When I try to import certain PNG files by reference in FM v6.0p405
(Windows), FM throws an error: "Cannot display some imported graphics. The
images will appear as gray boxes".

The exact same images are handled without error by FM v7.0p579 & v7.2p158.

Other PNGs are not causing problems under FM6. At first I thought it might
be related to the pixel depth, as all problem images were 24-bit PNGs, but
then I discovered that some of those that work are also 24-bit.

Any idea what's causing the issue and how to avoid it?

At this client, PNGs are created by a variety of sources using various
different tools ranging from the XP version of Paint, through IrfanView,
HyperSnap, PSP, etc. I'd like to be able to recommend settings to content
contributors to help avoid such problems.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer,


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