I am very sorry if you think that I was trying to "put you
in your place" whatever that means.

What I was explaining in my response was that the Adobe
Knowledgebase article to which you referred
has nothing to do with lapses in CE characters printing,
but rather a generic problem with any arbitrary text 
failing to print.

It is very important to understand that the CE characters
in question are not officially supported in FrameMaker's
character set. (I am NOT applauding that lack of support
and really hope that some future version of FrameMaker
fully supports Unicode!)

Many users have been successful at coercing FrameMaker to
"support" CE and other character sets via Windows code page
hackery which effectively occurs when you use "other"
print drivers. The Adobe PDF PostScript print driver 
instance reports "no fonts" to the operating system and
that may be why the CE characters specifically do not

        - Dov

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> Well, I guess you put me in my place, eh? Nice job. I'll be 
> sure not to try to guess why Framemaker is screwing up any more.
> By the way, in all that vituperative prose, did you actually 
> explain why certain CE characters, which print properly, do 
> not appear in PDF documents?
> Your explanation was a bit obtuse to me. Perhaps you could 
> "dumb it down" 
> for those of us who do not possess "the knowledge."
> ljk

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