Thank you all for replying. It is nice not to be the only one
experiencing this problem! We have a weird saying in Iceland that goes
something like this transposed (rather than translated) into English:
"Sweet is a shared shipwreck".

Like you mention, the ATM seemed to do a better job of controlling the
fonts this way (ATM Light was included with the registration too).

I will have a look at the [Fonts] section of the maker.ini and see
what I come up with.

And maybe Adobe and the Redmond giant need once more to go into some
talks about how to handle fonts? This used to be OK, but now we have
had a couple of years of SP2 and endless automatic upgrades. Maybe one
of these have done something to harm the beautiflul relationship of
the two?


On 5/26/06, Combs, Richard <richard.combs at> wrote:
> Martha J Davidson wrote:
> > At 04:57 AM 5/26/2006, Bodvar Bjorgvinsson wrote:
> > >I have a weird problem on my hands, and I probably have had it for a
> > >long time (years). I have a problem with setting some of my
> > Character
> > >Tags to bold. I am not sure whether it is isolated to the Helvetica
> > >font, but this is how it goes:
> >
> > I have seen this as well. In my current template, body tags
> > use AGaramond. I have a character tag set to As Is, and then Bold.
> > When I apply this tag to body text, nothing happens. When I
> > make a tag that explicitly references AGaramond Bold, then I
> > get bold text, but not when I use a more generically defined tag.
> I think in both cases, FM sees the boldface version as a separate font
> instead of a weight variation. I'm surprised that it's happening with
> plain vanilla Helvetica, although I recall it happening years ago with
> the Helvetica Neue family -- each different weight appeared as a
> separate font (Helvetica 45 and Helvetica 65 were two of them, IIRC).
> You may be able to solve this with the appropriate additions to the
> [Fonts] section of maker.ini. We use Adobe's OpenType Futura, and had
> the same problem. Adding the following lines to the
> [WindowsToFrameFontAliases] section of maker.ini seemed to solve the
> problem:
> Futura Std Medium, Regular, Regular=FuturaStd-Medium, Regular, Regular,
> *
> Futura Std Medium, Italic, Regular=FuturaStd-Medium, Oblique, Regular, *
> Futura Std Medium, Regular, Bold=FuturaStd-Heavy, Regular, Regular, *
> Futura Std Medium, Italic, Bold=FuturaStd-Heavy, Oblique, Regular, *
> Of course, figuring out exactly what to add can be problematic. I recall
> there was some trial and error, and ATM Deluxe was essential to figuring
> out the "Frame font name" (the right side of the = sign).
> The [UnknownToKnownFontMap] section may be another area to explore. I
> recall that we used to use it to map AvantGarde SemiBold to AvantGarde
> DemiBold (or vice versa).
> Unfortunately, the arcane details of how the fonts entries in maker.ini
> work don't seem to be documented anywhere (beyond the inadequate
> comments in the file), so such vague hints are about all I can offer.
> If you're in luck, someone who's solved the same problem with the same
> fonts will chime in with the exact fix. :-) (If not, and if you all
> figure it out, be sure to post the solution for the benefit of the next
> person.)
> Good luck!
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